Data are in Excel format. This should permit ready use in most statistical software packages. After downloading a specific data set, please follow instructions given in your handbook to import into the program or your choice.
Data sets

The worked-problems and your-turn sections included in Macroeconomics are not primarily intended to be read, but to lure you into your first hands-on experience with econometrics, the statistical investigation of empirical issues by economists. To make this as easy as possible, you may download the data sets here for direct use in the statistical software package of your choice.

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Chapter 2
Worked problem: Pizza e pasta - consuming in Italy
Your turn: Consumption function in first differences

Chapter 3
Worked problem: Investment, interest rates and oil prices in Norway
Your turn: Swiss money demand

Chapter 4
Worked problem: Amadeus by the dollar
Your turn: Are international interest rates equal?

Chapter 5
Worked problem: In and out of the United States
Your turn: Business cycle links under different exchange rate regimes

Chapter 6
Worked problem: Unemployment and the black economy
Your turn: The Phillips curve

Chapter 8
Worked problem: Inflation forecasts for Italy
Your turn: The Economist and the law of one price

Chapter 9
Worked problem: Do European incomes converge?
Your turn: Convergence plus distribution

Chapter 10
Worked problem: Testing the AK Model
Your turn: More on the AK Model

Chapter 11
Worked problem: Who wanted the euro? (part I)
Your turn: Inflation and central bank independence

Chapter 12
Worked problem: Interest rates and inflation
Your turn: Are business cycles out of sync?

Chapter 13
Worked problem: Does central bank independence ease disinflation pains?
Your turn: Real wages and central bank independence

Chapter 14
Worked problem: Is debt causing the deficits?
Your turn: Who wanted the euro? (part II)

Chapter 15
Worked problem: Dutch Beveridge curves
Your turn: Unemployment, unions, replacement rates and taxes

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