No book is without typos and errors. And though we really tried hard, this one is no exception. To make them less of a nuisance, lists of errors detected in the 4th edition of Macroeconomics are being kept here.

Known typos and errors are eliminated each time the text is reprinted. In order to find out when your copy was printed, check the code in the book's impressum. Near the bottom you find two rows of numbers. In the second printing these might read

10   9   8   7   6   5   4   3   2
12   11  10

The first row refers to the print run. The second row signals the year. In each case only the last number all the way to the right counts. So in this example the first row says that this copy is from the 2nd printing. The second row tells us that the print year was 2010.

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We would certainly appreciate to hear of any typos and errors, small or big, you may have found while working with the book.

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