Table of contents
1 Macroeconomic essentials

2 Booms and recessions (I): the Keynesian cross

3 Money, interest rates and the global economy

4 Exchange rates and the balance of payments

5 Booms and recessions (II): the national economy

6 Enter aggregate supply

7 Booms and recessions (III): aggregate supply and demand

8 Booms and recessions (IV): dynamic aggregate supply and demand

9 Economic growth (I): the basics

10 Economic growth (II): advanced issues

11 Endogenous economic policy

12 The European Monetary System and the Eurozone at work

13 Inflation and central bank independence

14 Budget deficits and public debt

15 A closer look at economic crises

16 Sticky prices and sticky information: new perspectives on booms and recessions (I)

17 Real business cyces: new perspectives on booms and recessions (II)

Appendix A: A primer in econometrics

Appendix B: Glossary

Appendix C: Economics Nobel prize winners and earlier giants

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