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Macroeconomics resources for students

Welcome to our selection of free online resources in macroeconomics.

While the features of this site are geared to be used alongside the fourth edition of Macroeconomics by Manfred Gärtner, they should also prove useful and fun if you are working with any other introductory or intermediate macroeconomics text – or if you are just curious.

21 macroeconomic time series for 19 countries – with two versatile Java applets that lets you create and customise graphs as well as ananalyze relationships between variables by computing comovements.

Essentially a navigation aid that mirrors the structure of the textbook. Plus chapter summaries, macroeconomic dictionaries in a dozen languages, and more.

Comprehensive chapter by chapter multiple choice tests in intermediate macroeconomics, with instant evaluation and reading suggestions.
A host of interactive macroeconomic models, ranging from the circular flow of income and the Keynesian cross on one end to two-country growth and real-business-cycle models on the other; and macroeconomics in a nutshell – with a road map of key models with animations.

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