Macroeconomics textbooks
Principles texts
For complete freshmen. One level below Macro- economics.
European adaption of successfull US text Text with UK focus, grew out of sucessfull US text UK text with supplements for Benelux, Ireland and Scandinavia Excellent introduction to economics, maybe too basic for European students A highly readable text aimed at non-specialist students UK adaption of Canadian text with very appealing layout    
The competition
Texts with similar level of difficulty as Macro- economics.
Comprehensive approach and applied focus New edition of US text with strong international angle, but emphasis on closed economy. First macro text with European focus. Excellent reference book. Excellently written. Focus on US economy The pathbreaking intermediate text in a compact new edition - though without some of the previous goodies such as DAD-SAS. More formal and thorough than most competitors. Very international for a US text. Non-traditional European text emphasizing microfoundations In its 9th edition! Provides excellent balance between rigor and real world focus.
A league above
Advanced texts. Decidedly more difficult than Macro- economics.
A classic. Published in 1989, and still one of the best. Excellent book. Advanced, but very readable. Discusses theory and empirical work. Excellent text leading from Solow model to frontiers of research. Bridges theory and empirics. Farmer: The Macroeconomics of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Excellent though difficult book. Emphasizes the microeconomic foundations of modern macroeconomics. Good book emphasizing mathematical methods. Quite heavy. Excellent text taking growth down from the mathematical to the intuitive level. Another subject oriented textbook on economic growth. Policy oriented. Leads students from Mundell-Fleming model to current research

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