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Welcome to eur macro tutor!
This tutorial is primarily intended to serve as a pathfinder through the tools part of
Emphasizing graphs and animations, it explains the essentials of macroeconomics, shows how the different building blocks are related, and offers interactive numerical exercises.

features numerical versions of the most important macroeconomic models. You can manipulate these as desired, or use them in connection with guided exercises geared towards enforcing key insights.

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What this tutorial is for?

eur macro tutor cannot spare you studying the text. But if you feel somewhat lost among the many concepts and models and want a bird's eye view of how all pieces fit together, or if your knowledge of macroeconomics is a bit rusty or disorganized, this tutor may be just what the doctor ordered.

opens with a road map connecting key concepts and models. Take a close look at the map. Make sure you understand each concept and how it leads to the next. If you encounter problems, look for clickable features. A click shows explanatory text, usually with diagrams, options to dig deeper, and often animated graphs.

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