Models & concepts
Circular flow
- Flash movie
- Java applet
Keynesian cross
IS-LM model
- basic version
- crisis version
- with a debt brake
Foreign exchange market
Mundell-Fleming model
- basic version
- advanced version
- crisis version
- 2 country
Labour market
DAD-SAS and AD-AS models
- AD-AS model
- DAD-SAS basic version
- DAD-SAS with persistence
Solow model
- basic version
- per capita
- 2 country
- Cobb-Douglas
Real business cycles
Political macro economics
- monetary policy rules
- political business cycle
Debt dynamics
- basic version
- with risk premium
interactive macroeconomics
This part of eur macro tutor offers interactive applets of key macroeconomic models as encountered in intermediate macroeconomics. Some will come handy in an introductory or principles course as well. A few may even prove useful in advanced macroeconomics.
Whilea sample of applets may be started by clicking one of the of thumbnails below, the full set of models is offered via the links given left. You may either proceed to one of the topical pages indicated in bold font, or start a model directly by clicking one of the direct links.
Applets may be used in two major ways:
Follow the integrated guided exercise. It leads you through parameter manipulations and decisions designed to illustrate and underscore the model's most important properties and insights.
Use the navigations buttons and experiment with the model any way you like. With some more complex applets, though, this is not recommended until after having conducted the guided exercise.
Having started an applet, you may
set the stage by specifying behavioral parameters, the exchange rate system or a scenario
trace changes in the world economy
make decisions as a policy maker, a firm or a trade union.
Labour market   2-country Solow model  
Circular flow of income       AD-AS model  
Models come as Java applets, sized to fit the screen without a scroll bar appearing. If a scroll bar shows, create space, say by temporarily compressing your personal symbols and/or address bars. If symbols bars show both pictures and text, delete one.

Java programming by Christian Busch.

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